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Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) hereby establish a binding agreement between Beyond Dreams Travel Co LLC (“Agency”) and the undersigned individual (referred to as “you” or “Traveler”), including all travelers listed on the same booking, effective upon your signature (electronic or written) or payment authorization, and remain in force until terminated in writing by either party.

Please note that these Terms are subject to change without prior written notice. The latest version can be accessed at

“Agency” refers to Beyond Dreams Travel Co LLC.

“Booking Services” encompasses travel reservation and booking services facilitated by Agency.

“Lead Traveler” designates you, representing all travelers on the same booking.

“Supplier” denotes any entity providing Travel Services to Travelers.

“Terms” specifically mean these Terms and Conditions.

“Traveler” includes you and all individuals on the same travel booking.

“Travel Services” encompass travel products and services provided by Suppliers, such as hotel accommodations, air transportation, cruises, car rentals, tours, activities, and related services.


As the Lead Traveler, you are accountable for:
  • Disseminating these Terms to all Travelers
  • Obtaining written confirmation from all Travelers affirming their agreement to these Terms It is imperative to thoroughly understand these Terms; should any ambiguity arise, consult legal counsel, and contact Agency in writing for clarification. You acknowledge receipt of Agency’s Travel Services Agreement, referencing these Terms.


Agency, located in Blairsville, Georgia, serves as a travel agent offering Booking Services the Travelers.


Suppliers operate independently and provide Travel Services. You accept the terms, conditions, and policies established by each Supplier. Your travel documentation identifies the specific Supplier responsible for rendering Travel Services. Compliance with Supplier terms, including payment, rules, and restrictions, is your responsibility. Agency is not liable for Supplier actions, breaches, or bankruptcy. In the event of bankruptcy, Suppliers may continue services or cease operations without obligation to transport or refund. Payments made to Agency become the property of Suppliers as mandated by law. Agency has no insight into Suppliers’ financial status and disclaims liability for trip credits or refunds.


Quoted rates, specified in writing by Agency, detail the inclusions. Rates exclude additional costs, fees, or taxes incurred for airports, customs, meals, entertainment, and personal expenses, unless explicitly outlined in your travel documentation.


Your consent is granted for the use of personal information by Agency and Suppliers for travel-related purposes. Information conveyed may include birth dates, passport numbers, travel dates, and financial details. Agency is not liable for the distribution of your information to any Supplier. You authorize Agency to retain your personal information for necessary periods.


Group terms differ from Flexible Independent Traveler (FIT) guidelines and are detailed in the “Group Sales Contract.”


By booking, you authorize Agency to charge your designated payment method. Payments in non-U.S. Dollars are converted at prevailing exchange rates. Booking completion requires processing all due deposits and amounts. Late payments may lead to Supplier cancellations with non-refundable consequences.


Adherence to Supplier terms is imperative for reservation changes or cancellations. Fees, such as a USD $50/person Agency fee, may apply. No refunds are granted for canceled, unused, or partially used Travel Services.


Failure to fulfill reservations constitutes a “no show,” with penalties up to the total travel cost per Supplier and Agency policies.


Refund claims, with documentation, must be submitted in writing. Refunds are subject to Supplier terms and conditions. Chargeback attempts may incur additional costs and fees charged by Agency.


Compliance with TSA requirements and destination entry laws is your responsibility. Correctly matching travel documents with government-issued identification is crucial. Refunds are not issued for documentation-related costs or losses.
ACCOMMODATIONS Hotel availability is contingent on reservation timing. Certain hotels may necessitate non-refundable deposits, communicated by Agency. Amenities are not guaranteed, and reimbursement for amenity-related issues is the hotel’s responsibility.
DISABILITIES & SPECIAL NEEDS Advance notice to Agency is essential for special services or equipment. Travelers with disabilities are urged to consult health providers before travel. Agency will strive to arrange assistance but is not liable for Suppliers’ failure to meet needs.
AIR TRAVEL Name changes are often considered cancellations by airlines. You are responsible for excess baggage fees and must confirm airline baggage rules. Airline ticket terms, including non-refundability, are subject to airline policies. Agency is not liable for changes, delays, or cancellations beyond its control.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS & INSECTICIDES Compliance with federal laws on hazardous materials during air travel is mandatory. Suppliers may apply insecticides on flights; relevant regulations can be found at

PASSPORTS, VISAS, AND DRIVER’S LICENSES Knowledge of destination laws and document requirements is your responsibility. Agency may assist with travel documents but is not liable for your compliance.
ENTRY REFUSAL Entry restrictions due to criminal records are possible, research destination laws beforehand. Refusal of entry is not a valid reason for cancellation, chargeback, or refund.
TRAVEL DURING PANDEMICS, EPIDEMICS, AND OTHER TRAVEL ADVISORIES You are solely responsible for awareness of travel restrictions, advisories, and health guidelines. Adherence to CDC and State Department advisories is crucial, especially during pandemics. Agency is not liable for testing or documentation and is not responsible for denied boarding due to non-compliance. You accept the inherent risks of travel during such events.
TRAVEL INSURANCE Comprehensive travel insurance purchase is strongly recommended. Declining coverage exposes you to personal risk and financial loss. Agency is not liable for claim denials under insurance policies.
FORCE MAJEURE Agency is not liable for delays or non-performance due to force majeure events beyond its control. Suppliers may alter itineraries or cancel arrangements under force majeure.
LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY Agency disclaims liability for personal injury or property damage related to Booking Services. No liability is accepted for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages. Recovery is limited to commissions or fees received by Agency on a case-by-case basis.
ARBITRATION Disputes will be resolved personally and in good faith initially; unresolved issues will proceed to binding arbitration. Arbitration will be held in Georgia, conducted by a single arbitrator, and governed by Georgia law.


  • Amendments require written consent by Agency.
  • Assignment is not allowed without Agency’s prior written consent.
  • Waiver, forbearance, or delay does not prejudice rights of either party.
  • Severability allows enforcement of unenforceable parts to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  • No agency, partnership, or employment relationship is created.
  • Notices must be in writing and deemed received upon delivery.
  • Counterparts are accepted, constituting a single instrument.
  • Governing law is Georgia law without regard to conflicts of law provisions.
  • Further assurances will be performed.